paul millsHi, I’m Paul Mills, my goal is to help beginners and audio enthusiasts to know more about audio wearables.

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About me

Many radio and TV shows were a great asset to the expansion of my musical taste. I started with Hip Hop but soon became inspired by House and Techno.

Since I was a teen I produce music every day exclusively on my computer. After only a few tries, I became very good at locking two songs together and making longer mixes achievable.

My unstoppable stamina made all mixes sound like a walk in the park. No wonder, one day I became one the most creative mixers with instinct and prowess around my neighborhood.

When I turned 18 I started playing at some places taking floors from funky breaks to deep tech and straight up techno.

Soon I realized that I like to work with devices and accessories more than just mixing songs together and I open my first repair store where helped to bring back to life all possible hi-fi devices.