Best over-ear headphones under $50

Best over-ear headphones under $50

Looking for inexpensive headphones that sound decent for the money? Whether you’re rougher than most people with your headphones or just on a budget, you can find below a fantastic compromise between quality and affordability for just under $50. You can even find wireless models that are worth buying.

Headphones nowadays are almost a necessity, whether for commuting or traveling, working out, gaming, watching movies – or for just casual listening to music or taking calls. The problem is, without proper research, you will always find only expensive headsets – and you really don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of headphones.

Luckily, there’s a solution – various companies, from all around the world, are making their products for a very affordable price – and we found best 5 that will suit almost any need.

Luckily for us, the customers, the technology is always improving – there was a time when you had to pay hundreds of dollars for a, for example, a pair of wireless headphones – nowadays you can find them for under 50 dollars.

The Mpow 059 is an example – nice design and quality construction of these headphones is something that really pleased us – not to mention their good sound that comes from nicely padded and comfortable earpads.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is a product that wasn’t affected by the years – their ability to reproduce clear and accurate sound can hardly be missed.

BlueAnt – Pump Zone is every work-out enthusiast dream – you will get a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones that won’t be affected by sweat, and will stay firmly around your head.

And then we come to Edifier H840, a pair of versatile, wired headphones, that can provide countless hours of usage time to gamers, music listeners or people that enjoy some quality time while watching their favorite movie or a show.

What to consider

Before venturing into the world of audio equipment, as a buyer, you will always have to spend countless hours of researching before you decide what product suit you best. That process is often painstaking and sometimes full of costly mistakes that can frustrate even the calmest amongst us.

There is one tip that will help you in your quest and it’s the most important thing – decide what do you need headphones for.

There’s a clear difference between a pair of headphones that have a fun sound and headphones that boast themselves as a critical listening headset – the first ones are great for casual music listeners that want to enjoy, for example, an enhanced bass of a Prodigy track; the second ones provide a close-to-perfect sound image of instruments as they were recorded.

Also, there is a difference a huge difference between the headphones that was made for home use and the headset that is made for outdoor activities – the first have a main focus on the comfort, and the second focuses on the ability to stay firmly on your head even in a tough physical activity.

Mpow 059 – good-looking with great battery performance

MPOW 059 Headphones redMpow is a relatively new player in the headphones market – but soon after releasing Mpow 059, they affirmed themselves as a serious company that produces good headphones for a reasonable price. Their ace in the sleeve, the Mpow 059, soon became one of the most popular product online – and with a good reason – their price to value ratio is, simply put, amazing.

Bluetooth headphones with plenty of active features, good comfortability, nice design and above-average sound – for under 50 busk – that’s Mpow 59.

Construction & Design

Their construction is almost entirely made of plastic but of a high grade one – ensuring good durability. The design is modern looking, with the same two-tone color scheme and glossy finish. The buttons on the right earcup are easy to use and include all basic functions – track skipping, call/music, and volume controls. Battery performance is great, especially for a product with this price tag – over 24 hours of usage time for 4 hours of charging time.

Sound Quality

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth Over-Ear are average sounding headphones with a heavy and consistent low-end. However, their bass is rather excessive and boomy, ensuring all modern music will sound much more fun while using them. Mpow 059 are noise isolation type of headphones, so they won’t be ideal for loud environments.


The Mpow 059 is a pleasant surprise on a headphones market – reliable, good-looking Bluetooth headphones with great battery performance, fun sound, and good control scheme can be tricky to find even in above 100 category – yet Mpow did all of that for under 50 bucks.


  • Good sound
  • Good comfort level
  • Great price to value ratio


  • Average noise isolation
  • There aren’t too many colors to choose
  • 165ms latency

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x – simple looking design with a great sound

Audio-Technica ATH-M20xAudio-Technica ATH-M20X are above average over-ear, professional monitor headphones that provides good comfortability to the user and a great sound. Even though they were released in 2014, because of their general quality, they are still relevant today – the only thing that decreased over the age is their price – so you can buy them today for under 50.

Construction & Design

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is famous for its simple looking studio style – focusing on the quality of sound and comfort rather than on the design. The build is mostly made from a high-quality plastic, with an adjustable headband and moveable earcups that can fit almost any pair of ears nicely. These headphones are wired only, so there’s no additional features or buttons.

Sound Quality

Audio-Technica is famous for its sound – and ATH-M20x isn’t an exception. They have a very good bass, an excellent mid-range, and an average treble – justifying its purpose of studio monitoring headphones with a great sound indeed. These headphones only provide passive isolation, which means they won’t be ideal in a loud environment


Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is a great pair of studio monitoring headphones that provide their users with a clear and precise sound, which really comes in handy while listening to music or watching movies.

They aren’t ideal for commuting because they don’t provide ANC (only passive noise isolation), and the fact they are wired means you can’t use them while exercising – but for movies, gaming or listening to music – they are top-notch.


  • Great sound
  • Good comfort
  • Good quality build


  • Bland design
  • Wired only
  • Not ideal for commuting

Mpow H1 – modern look and a powerful sound

Mpow H1Another great product that comes from the Mpow company is their Bluetooth over-ear model named H1. It is an upgrade from their previous model Thor – and it is a great upgrade indeed. The new H1 experienced improvements regarding design, sound and battery performance which put’s them firmly on the list of top over-ear headphones that comes under 50.

Construction & Design

Mpow H1 comes with an adjustable, soft headband with even softer earpads that provides good comfort while using them. The look is modern, kinda edgy looking with a bold statement that even affordable headphones can look cool.

Like almost all headphones these days, H1 is too almost entirely made from plastic, though that doesn’t come at the cost of durability – H1 is durable enough to easily withstand occasional drops to the ground.

Their battery performance is good too – they provide almost 20 hours of playback time for about 3 hours of charging time. Their simple, yet efficient control scheme allows you to adjust the volume, change the track, play and pause the music via the headphones.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is above-average compared to its competition – the 40mm neodymium drivers give a clear yet powerful sound coming out of them. The sound isn’t that bassy like in Mpow 059 but feels more natural, and in the mids, the H1 really shines.

They too rely on the design and build of the earpads and headband to provide passive noise isolation, which is good enough for a moderate amount of ambient noise.


Mpow H1 has similar strong points like their cousin, Mpow 059 has – good overall value compared to its price. This model has a great microphone and features that allows you to easily take phone calls, but possess slightly worse sound and battery performance which is the reason they got on this list.

Still, this is a great product for people that are in a need for a good Bluetooth headset for taking calls or listening to music.


  • Good design
  • Good comfort
  • Clean, natural sound


  • Average battery performance
  • Passive noise isolation only
  • Latency

BlueAnt Pump Zone – sweat-proof material and a bassy sound

BlueAnt Pump ZoneHere comes the treat for people that loves working out while listening to their favorite music – the BlueAnt Pump Zone is an over-ear Bluetooth pair of headphones, designed especially for them. Using sweat-proof and antimicrobial materials, combined with the fact they are wireless, makes them almost a must for a gym or outdoor activities.

Construction & Design

Blueant Pump Zone has an adjustable soft headband with an IP54 antimicrobial coating on earpads. The design isn’t adding anything new to the market, but the strong and lightweight high-quality aluminum alloy construction provides great durability.

The control scheme is simple, the buttons are well laid out on the earcup and provides the users with the option of volume up/down, pause/play and Next/previous track. Battery performance is above-average – 30 hours of playback time for only 4 hours of charging time.

Sound Quality

Blueant provides some good sound quality, a nice, boom bass that fits modern music nicely – who doesn’t like a bass-heavy song blasting in his ears while exercising? Sound isolation is average, the cups fit nicely on the head but don’t expect them to block all outside noise.


The BlueAnt Pump Zone has everything covered while you work on those abs – the sound is fun and bassy, they stay firmly on your head even when you do heavier physical exercises and on top of all – if you wipe them after the workout – they won’t pick up the sweat from the workout, which is really important.


  • Don’t soak up the sweat
  • Good bassy sound
  • Good battery life
  • Great stability


  • Longer charging time
  • Design isn’t attractive
  • Latency

Edifier H840 – extremely light with a great sound

Edifier H840Edifier is to most people an unknown name – yet this company, based in China, work for over 20 years and keeps expanding in the headphones market. Their Edifier H840 is the product of their ability to provide a versatile yet affordable pair of headphones for either music, gaming or videos.

Construction & Design

Their construction is mostly made from plastic, thought the headband is made from steel and padded with some thin, yet effective material. The design is simple, nothing too flashy – just your good old classic-look, with some fine padding on the earcups.

The earcups rotate so they are foldable and can adjust nicely over most ears. This model is wired, so no additional buttons or battery is included.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is above-average even compared to much pricier products, and the bass is slightly enhanced. The mids are quite good. The noise isolation isn’t that good, meaning they won’t block too much of the outside noise, yet they are quite capable of reducing moderate ambient noise because of the rotating earcups and the good clamping force on the head.


Edifier H840 Over-ear headphones are somewhat a master of all trades – they provide the user with a headset that is equally good for music, gaming or movies – with a low price-tag. These extremely light headphones provide a great sound and comfort level.

The only downs are the fact that this headset is wired, with no detachable cable so they may not be great for outdoor use, but they are almost perfect for home or office.


  • Great sound
  • Good comfort
  • Versatile


  • Simple design and build
  • Wired
  • Cable can’t be detached


We carefully chose 5 different product that comes with a reasonable price- each of them has a strong point (or more) that will plenty of you, the users, surely find appealing.

Our winner, the Mpow 059 has characteristics and features of much pricier headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is an oldie but goodie – great sound coming from a classic looking headset.

Mpow H1 is similar to Mpow 059, with slight differences in sound signature, design and battery performance.

Let’s not forget about BlueAnt Pump Zone, a great pair of headphones that will surely please any gym-goer.

Last, not the least, is the Edifier H840, whose versatility in satisfying videos and music enthusiasts or gamers is unquestionable.

The reason Mpow 059 won the title of the best over-ear pair of headphones under 50 dollars is rather clear – the number of features and general quality of the product is hardly matchable even compared to much pricier headphones. For a reasonable price, you get a pair of Bluetooth headphones, with good sound, good comfort level, great battery performance and an attractive design – you simply can’t beat that.

MPOW 059 Headphones Review


After carefully researching, we presented these 5 products that will, without a doubt, satisfy your needs for a good pair of headphones that comes for under 50 dollars price-tag.

Each of these headphones has different strong points to satisfy different needs of customers – whether it be their ability to provide crystal clear sound or a good comfort, battery performance or their ability to stay firmly on your head, or versatility in using them for different hobbies – on this list you’ll find everything you need for – for under 50 dollars. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [ ( or].